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Texas Take

Mar 31, 2017

As Texas' legislative session passes its midpoint, name-calling and unpleasantness seem to be the order of the day under Pink Dome.

Attorney General Ken Paxton got bad news, as a judge in his home county of Colin County decides to move his criminal-fraud trial someplace else -- and delay its start, perhaps until the...

Mar 24, 2017

Just when many Texans thought Rick Perry had moved on past making headlines, he's b-a-a-a-a-c-k.

Perry took time out from his new job as U.S. energy secretary, safeguarding the nation's nuclear stockpiles, to blast the election of Texas A&M University's first openly gay student body president in a Houston Chronicle...

Mar 17, 2017


The growing fight between the Senate and the House is appearing like an ugly divorce in the making.

After House Speaker Joe Straus suggested the Senate needed to step up its pace in writing its version of the the state's spending blueprint, the upper chamber quickly whipped out its final version.

After the Senate...

Mar 10, 2017


As bathroom politics continue to dominate the debate in Austin, a showdown appears to be nearing between the state Senate and the House over privacy in the stalls and transgender rights.

Before the Senate State Affairs Committee approved Senate Bill 6 after a marathon hearing featuring hundreds of supporters...

Mar 3, 2017


As immigration and foster care collided in the Texas House, the state Senate was arguing over whether to send rogue lawmakers to prison.

This is a wild political season in Texas, for sure, and the debate over legislation to fix the state's long-broken foster-care system took an unexpected and ugly turn when an...