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Texas Take

Apr 28, 2017

Unpleasantness was the order of the day as the Texas House passed Senate Bill 6, the controversial legislation to ban sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State.

Democrats opposed to the bill angrily argued with Republicans who supported it, like two wildcats in a sack, amid charges of racism and immigrant bashing.


Apr 21, 2017

The Texas House and Senate are at loggerheads over the only bill they absolutely have to pass in the next month: The state budget.

Both object to the other's budget plans. House leaders have accused the Senate of "cooking the books" by an accounting trick that provides a $2.5 budget savings, and Senate has asked for a...

Apr 14, 2017

The Texas House has come up with its own, much different of the "bathroom bill" that the Senate passed as one of its priorities.

Instead of using a birth certificate to determine which Texans could use which restroom, the House has decided to prohibit local governments from approving bathroom rules -- and has kept...

Apr 7, 2017

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he wanted a House vote on "school choice," vouchers to opponents. He got one.

The result was an overwhelming smackdown of the concept that Patrick and the Senate tagged as a top priority.

As the House moved ahead to adopt its version of the state budget, a much different document than the one...