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Texas Take

Jun 29, 2017

Is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick really the Conservative North Star of Texas Politics?

That's what a confidant, Houston Sen. Paul Bettencourt, told a group of pastors, explaining that the Senate's presiding officer "doesn't change. He doesn't move. Every night, you get up and he's right there."

Bettencourt was explaining how the...

Jun 23, 2017

If the Texas political fight of the week was most recently in Austin, it's now moved to Washington.

U.S. Senate. John Cornyn of Texas has pushed ahead on a GOP Senate plan to dump Obamacare, and Democrats have all jumped ship, saying it was hatched in secret and, essentially, sucks.

The Senate's leading Democrat,...

Jun 15, 2017

House Speaker Joe Straus seems sick and tired of it all.

After months of critical swipes from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick at him and his legislative chamber, and a week after Gov. Greg Abbott said lawmakers will be lazy if they don't pass all 20 of his agenda items in a special legislative session starting July 18,...

Jun 8, 2017


On July 18, the Texas Legislature will be back to finish its business -- and then some.

And if they don't pass all 20 items that Gov. Greg Abbott has put on the agenda for a special session, then they'll just be lazy.

In an interview on a Lubbock radio show, the governor ramped up the pressure for lawmakers to approve...

Jun 2, 2017

As House Speaker Joe Straus gaveled his chamber to adjournment, he acknowledged that the end of the 140-day legislative session had been, well, a bit exciting. And he wished members the best until he sees them again, "which, like you, I hope won't be anytime soon."

Exciting was probably an understatement.

On the last...