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Texas Take

Sep 29, 2017


 If you thought (or hoped) the mention of the controversial "bathroom bill" would never come up again, think again.

In competing to snare the location of Amazon's second headquarters, a mega-big get for whichever city the online retail giant selects, several Texas competitors including Houston, Dallas and Austin have...

Sep 22, 2017

AUSTIN -- There are weeks when no one seems happy, especially when public officials are giving them such good reasons to be grouchy.

Take Gordy Bunch, who heads The Woodlands township board, suggested at a community meeting that the Confederate statutes being pulled down across Texas cold find a new home in his happy...

Sep 18, 2017

With the recovery from Hurricane Harvey ramping up to full speed in Texas, the first political shots were fired over Washington's approval of an initial aid package for Texas -- and why four U.S. Texas congressmen voted against it. They're all from Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas.

At the same time, Gov. Greg Abbott...

Sep 8, 2017

Just when Texans were getting past their hurricane fears from the destructive Harvey, a stronger Irma was bearing down on Florida -- and Jose and Katia were churning away in tropical waters with no threat to the Gulf Coast.

As the cleanup in devastated Houston and a 350-mile stretch of the Texas coast got underway,...