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Texas Take

Apr 27, 2018

Call this the week of the throwdowns.

It started with a raucous Houston Independent School District board meeting over controversial plans involving several school campuses, in the nation's seventh-largest district, where cops were eventually called to eject and arrest several unhappy constituents.

The result ended up...

Apr 19, 2018


Andrew White, the Democrat running a long-shot campaign to become Texas' next governor, thinks Texans should get the chance to roll the dice for improved schools. Literally.

Under his plan, casino gambling in the Lone Star State would be expanded to help pay for billions of dollars more in public education...

Apr 12, 2018

New forecasts are predicting that a mushrooming population of senior Texans, and a shortage of doctors to care for them, could produce a "silver tsunami" in coming years.

This, in a state targeted for years by complaints that it was not providing enough healthcare for its most needy children.

As that news rolled out,...

Apr 5, 2018

Gov. Greg Abbott surprised Democrats with a tweet where he acknowledged for the first time that former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez would be the party's nominee to face him next November.

"The next 7 months will be a battle between @LupeValdez and me about whether or not Texas will secure our border and protect...