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Texas Take

Nov 4, 2016

With just days before the November election, Donald Trump is gaining on Hillary Clinton in the presidential contest as new details about investigations targeting Clinton surface daily.

That's bringing more and more Republicans to board the Trump Train in Texas and elsewhere in the final days of the ugliest presidential campaign in decades, a contest that now has observers predicting that Texas will go Red for Trump with margins not predicted weeks ago. That said, some urban areas in Texas may go for Hillary and down-ballot races could go to Democrats in Houston and Dallas.

In this tumultuous political year, when the F-word, the B-word and even the P-word have been bandied about, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller added the C-word.

Texas politics are never boring, and these intriguing highlights and other behind-the-scenes insights are explored in this week's Texas Take: The Podcast -- the leading political podcast in the Lone Star State, with a Facebook Live post so you can see the show each week as it happens.