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Texas Take

Nov 12, 2016

With Donald Trump now America's president elect, after one of the wildest and most vicious elections in history, Texans are turning their attention to Washington to see what kind of Lone Star flavor his cabinet and policies may have.

Among the Texas officials who campaigned for Trump. former Gov. Rick Perry has hinted strongly that he'd be interested in a job with Team Trump, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has said he'd reject any offer and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has uncharacteristically silent. So has U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, to talk that Trump might consider him for the U.S. Supreme Court -- a job  Cruz would love.

Trump won Texas by one of the slimmest margins for a Republican in two decades, Houston went for Hillary Clinton -- and so did Fort Bend County, a reliably GOP bastion in the past. We look at what's up with that.

Texas politics are never boring, and these intriguing highlights and other behind-the-scenes insights are explored in this week's Texas Take: The Podcast -- the leading political podcast in the Lone Star State, in a season when the furor over the just-ended presidential election will soon transition into speculation about the legislative session that begins in January.