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Texas Take

Sep 6, 2018

Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, the campaigns for statewide office in Texas kick into high gear. Sen. Ted Cruz keeps doing all he can to define Rep. Beto O’Rourke, his Democratic challenger, as “too liberal” and “too vulgar” for Texas voters. But is Cruz making the same mistake former Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst made when running against Cruz? Every time he attacked him, the name ID of the challenger rose back in 2012 helping Cruz across the finish line. 

Meantime, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has finally hit the campaign trail – by renting a private jet and traveling to one small city after another for two days, mostly talking to TV cameramen while ducking a debate with his Democratic opponent Mike Collier.

Oh, and a federal judge in Austin this week blocked the state’s new requirements for burying or cremating fetal remains just as a federal judge in Tarrant County heard arguments to scrap the Affordable Care Act.

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