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Texas Take

Dec 15, 2016

A reality star picks a reality star, as President-Elect Donald Trump picks former Texas Gov. Rick Perry to serve in his cabinet as the nation's energy czar. Perry's nomination is sparking controversy and discussion.

As Gov. Greg Abbott gears up for the approaching legislative session, he is predicting that the state will have enough money to pay for everything it needs, even though revenues are down and the list of additional expenses keeps ticking upward.

He hopes a Trump Administration will be a boon to the Texas budget, because if Washington steps up to cover border-security expenses and reforms federal healthcare programs, the Legislature could have more cash to spend on its own pressing needs.

And that so-called 'bathroom bill" that Senate leaders want to keep men out of women's restrooms? Abbott seems lukewarm at present, just weeks before the legislative session begins, until her sees exactly what the legislation covers.

A holiday throwdown over whether a Killeen nurse's aide can have a door decoration that features a biblical message from the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas' goes to court, an annual rite for state leaders who insist government should not be taking the Christ out of Christmas.

Get the bottom line on these and other hot-button issues facing the state.

Texas politics are never boring, and these topics and other behind-the-scenes insights about the upcoming legislative session are explored in this week's Texas Take: The Podcast -- the leading political podcast in the Lone Star State.