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Texas Take

Jan 13, 2017

As expected, the "Texas Privacy Act" has quickly touched off arguments, triggering a lengthy debate while the House was trying to establish its operating rules.

The Senate was quickly enmeshed in a snit of its own, over whether to restore a rule deleted two years ago that would have given Democrats say in what bills are considered for debate. Not surprisingly, the Republican majority deep-sixed that idea in short order.

In a week when Lt. Gov. Patrick announced he will not run for governor against incumbent Greg Abbott -- and then endorsed Abbott even though Abbott has not said whether he will run for reelection, the focus of most discussion under Austin's pink dome was how the state will make ends meet with a billion-dollar shortfall.

One group of House members thinks that President-elect Donald Trump should help, reimbursing the state for the $2.8 billion that Texas taxpayers have spent in recent years because the federal government was not keeping the border secure.

But the real gem of the week may be this: A move is afoot to designate the cannon as the official state gun, right along with the official state flower and state bird and state fish . Gotta love it. Why would anyone want to shoot a pistol if they could fire a cannon?  Seriously.

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And the only one with  Second Amendment ring to its intro.