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Texas Take

Jan 27, 2017

In a raucous week in Austin, arguments over Muslim radicals and sanctuary cities drove the day

If President Trump's plans to start construction soon on a border wall in Texas caught some Texans off guard, his subsequent suggestion to levy a 20-percent import tax on Mexican goods to pay for it really unnerved Texas businesses.

Add to that the loud push by some state leaders to enact school choice legislation and a ban on sanctuary cities, fueling tensions between Senate and House leaders seemed to near a boiling point.

Just two weeks into the five-month legislative session, politics seemed to be wavering out of control -- even with a "summit" on radical Islam held by a freshman House member that quickly ignited even more controversy. Texas politicians are rarely boring, and seldom at a loss for some colorful exchanges, and this week was true to plan.

Yes, everyone seemed to be having fun, at least enjoying the entertainment, even if they didn't realize it.

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